Susan Harmer

Willard the Garden Worm and Amy

Are you ready to dive into the heartwarming tale of a lonely worm who embarks on an extraordinary journey to find friendship and belonging?

Join us as we explore the delightful world of


Susan Harmer

Willard the Garden Worm and Amy‚Äč

From Stories to Dreams:

As Susan witnessed the joy her stories brought to her daughter, she felt compelled to share their magic with the world. Drawing from the whimsy of childhood and the innocence of a child’s heart, Susan penned the delightful adventures of “Willard the Garden Worm and Amy.” Through the pages of her book, Susan invites readers of all ages to rediscover the joy of storytelling and the beauty of a child’s imagination.

Susan Harmer

Willard the Garden Worm and Amy


WHO IS Susan Harmer?

The reason I became an author is because of my child. When she was a lot younger, I read her stories, and since she loves stories I made a story to tell her and she loved the stories that I made up. That’s when I was able to write the story Willard the Garden Worm and Amy. The picture in the book is my daughter’s picture when she was 5 years old.

Why You'll Love It:

Heartwarming Storyline: Get ready to be swept away by the touching tale of a worm’s quest for friendship.

Charming Illustrations: Dive into the enchanting world of the garden through vivid and captivating illustrations that bring the story to life.

Inspirational Message: Discover the power of courage, kindness, and perseverance as you follow the worm on their journey of self-discovery.

Perfect for All Ages: Whether you’re a young reader or simply young at heart, “The Lonely Worm” is sure to warm your heart and leave you with a smile.

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