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Discover the mesmerizing author behind the “What I Think I Want To Be”

Susan Harmer

Unveiling the Heartfelt Journey of “Willard the Garden Worm and Amy” by Susan Harmer

Step into the enchanting world of “Willard the Garden Worm and Amy,” where the bonds of friendship are as enduring as the love between a parent and child. Susan Harmer, the creative mind behind this captivating tale, shares the heartwarming inspiration that led to the creation of a story filled with wonder, imagination, and the timeless beauty of childhood.

A Parent’s Love, A Child’s Imagination:

Susan Harmer fondly recalls the early days of reading to her cherished daughter. “When she was a lot younger, I read her stories,” Susan reflects, recalling the magic that unfolded as she wove tales to captivate her daughter’s imagination. Inspired by her daughter’s love for stories, Susan embarked on a journey to craft a tale that would not only delight her child but also inspire others with its heartfelt message.

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